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The Game of Hockey

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The rink

The ice hockey rink consists of an ice surface surrounded by boards. Plexiglass sheets of varying height are used to extend the height of the boards while giving spectators visibility of the ice surface. In some rinks there is netting placed above the plexiglass to prevent pucks from hitting spectators.

Typical Hockey rink

The rink is divided into three distinct zone by two blue lines and a red centre line. There are two nets, one at each end of the rink. Standard dimensions in North America are 61 meters by 26 meters (200ft x 85 ft) and a corner radius of 8.5m (28ft). International dimensions have a wider rink (30 m or 98ft) and a smaller corner radius (4.2 m or 14ft). The location of the blue lines is also different in International and North American rinks.

Hockey Rink


Goaltender equipment

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