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Skating drill - Across Crease

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This skating drill can be used as a warmup or to strengthen skating skills (T-push). It also practises stopping with the right leg when going across the crease.


For this drill, the goaltender starts on one of the posts. He then T-pushes diagonally to the opposite corner of the crease (1 explosive push). It is important that the stick rotates quickly and faces the direction in which the goaltender is headed. In this drill, the goaltender must stop with the same leg that was used to push off. This ensures the goaltender rotates during his movement and is in the correct position. The goaltender then T-pushes to the near post and repeats the drill on the other side.

goalie warmup skate across crease

Drill skating path:

goalie warmup skate across crease path


  • Cones can be placed at the location which the goaltender must stop. This can be used to increase the distance that must be travelled and increase the power required by the push. 
  • You may opt to shoot at the goaltender after each diagonal push to ensure he is stopping with the proper leg and T-pushing with enough power.


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