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Skating drill - The triangle

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This warmup drill is good to practise the T-push and shuffle. It can also be modified to practise the hybrid slide. This drill is a very good way to practise the skating basics before attempting more advanced drills.


The goaltender starts from the post and T-pushes or shuffles to the top of the crease. He then T-pushes or shuffles back to the opposite post and repeats the drill in reverse.

Ensure the goalie stops with the opposite leg that was used to push off. The goalie must also be in the correct position at each post simulating that the puck is in the corner.

goalie warmup skate triangle

Full path:

goalie warmup skate triangle path


  • A cone can be placed at the top of the crease to indicate where the goaltender must stop. This can be used to increase the distance travelled.
  • A shot can be fired when the goaltender reaches the top of the crease
  • The goaltender can be instructed to fall into the butterfly position when he reaches the top of the crease
  • To practise the hybride slide, the goaltender can run the entire drill while in the butterfly position
  • The goaltender can also use a butterfly slide for this drill
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