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Skating in the circle

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This drill is aimed at improving goaltender proficiency with telescoping (forward and backward) and shuffling. The drill can also be modified to practise the hybrid slide and t-pushes. 


The goalie starts from the bottom of the circle and telescopes to the top of the circle. He then telescopes backwards to the face-off dot and stops. The goalie shuffles to one edge of the faceoff circle stops, shuffles to the other edge, stops and then shuffles back to the face-off dot. Finally, the goalie telescopes backwards to the bottom of the circle. 

During this entire drill, the goaltender must remain in his basic stance.


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  • The Shuffles can be substituted for T-pushes or Hybrid slides
  • The goalie can perform an up-down upon reaching the edge of the circle or the face-off dot
  • A shooter can fire pucks at the goaltender for the goaltender to stop. This is effective to ensure the goalie stays in his proper stance during all movements and remains ready.




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