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Stopping the puck behind the net

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This drill will help the goaltender stop a puck that has been dumped in the zone along the boards. The drill also practises the case where the opposing team regains control of the puck when the goaltender is out of position.


The goaltender starts facing a shooter that is along the boards near the blue line. The shooter dumps the puck along the boards and the goalie must immediately skate behind the net and stop the puck. The goalie then continues around his net and attempts to regain position as fast as possible to face a shot from the second shooter. (This simulates an opponent recovering the puck).

goalie stop puck behind net


  • When doing this drill, goalies will tend to anticipate the dump in and cheat, have the shooter choose to dump the puck in or to shoot on net if the goaltender is cheating too much.
  • Instead of stopping the puck and leaving it behind the net, the goaltender can attempt to make a pass or clear the puck out of the zone.
  • You may add a third shooter that chases the puck that has been dumped in to add pressure to the goaltender.


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