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Warmup - all players shoot alternating

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This warmup drill involves multiple shots coming in quickly and will also practise goaltender movements and positioning.


Have all the players line up near the blue line. The goaltender selects one side and faces a shot from the player nearest the boards. The goaltender must then move across his crease to stop a shot from the player at the opposite boards. He then moves back to stop the shot from the player second nearest to the opposite boards and repeats until all shots are fired.

Note: Players should wait for the goaltender to be in motion towards them before shooting (as to not injure him).



  • You can have the last shooter come in for a breakaway on the goaltender
  • For advanced goaltender, you may have them do this drill in a buttefly (using the hybrid slide to move) however as this drill is demanding this should not be done before a game.




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