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cone to cone skating drill

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This drill is a good way to practise goatender lateral mobility (t-pushes, shuffling), hybrid slides, butterfly slides and getting up using the right leg. 


For this drill set up two staggered lines of cones approx. 2 meters (6 1/2 ft.) apart. The goaltender starts at the first cone and t-pushes from one cone to the next. Advanced movements are presented in the variations section.

goalie cone to cone skating drill


  • The goaltender can also shuffle from cone-to-cone.
  • At every cone, have the goaltender fall into the butterfly position. He must then get up using the correct leg (left leg first if moving to the right, right leg first if moving to the left) before pushing to the next cone.
  • For intermediate levels, the butterfly slide from cone to cone should be used.
  • For advanced levels, the goaltender should use the hybrid slide.


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