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poke check - one timer - pass

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This drill will help the goaltender with his poke checks, desperate saves as well as passing.


Set up five pucks around the crease as shown below ( one at the centre of the ice, two at the bottom of each circle, and two behind the net). A shooter should be positionned near each circle face-off dot, as well as one in the high slot.

The goaltender first pokechecks one of the pucks before making a diving (or 2-pad slide) to the opposite end of his crease to make a save. He then gets up and poke checks the puck on that side of the crease before making another diving (or 2-pad slide) save at the other end of his crease. The goaltender then gets up and poke checks the centre puck and immediately stops a shot from the centre shooter. He then skates behind his net and makes a pass to the shooter located at the near hash marks. The goaltender then passes the puck on the other side of the net to the other shooter.


goalie poke check one timer pass drill



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