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3-man horseshoe

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This drill is good as a warm-up during a practise or to make the players use their different shots. It combines some skating with shooting. 


Have all the players lined up in a corner of the rink. Three players at a time skate forward while carrying pucks. The first player circles around the faceoff dot at the outside of the blue-line and heads towards the net. He takes a wrist shot when he is in between the hash marks. The second player continues skating and circles the centre dot and heads towards the net. He takes a slapshot when he reaches the ringette line (top of the circles). The third player circles around the far blue-line faceoff dot and chooses to either take a wristshot from the hash marks or a slapshot from the ringette line. Players should be skating full speed and leave little time between shots.

It is important for the players to take the correct shot! The objective is to practise the shot you should be taking at the appropriate location on the ice. Wristshots from up close and slapshots from further away. Players will tend to favour one type of shot during practises and not be ready when comes game time.

3-man horseshoe hockey drill


  •  The third player can be given the option to deeke the goaltender. (Only use this as an "advanced" drill, players will almost always deeke when given the chance instead of practising their shots which is much more important during a game)
  • The drill can be shortened by using the faceoff dot in the circle next to the goaltender, the faceoff dot outside the blue line and the centre dot. 
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