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Hockey Stick Materials - History part 2

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The stick took some time to gain acceptance but its popularity skyrocketed after Wayne Gretzky started using them. The sticks became widespread throughout the NHL and minor leagues. However some players complained the stick was too light or that it did not have a good "feeling" compared to wooden sticks and preferred using the latter.

In an effort to increase the "feeling" of the stick and to further reduce weight, manufacturers developped composite shafts. These shafts were similar to the aluminium sticks but employed carbon fibre, aramid fibres (kevlar) and glass fibres instead of aluminium. This made them "feel" much more like conventional wooden sticks and increased their popularity.  The sticks were still constructed in two-pieces however and many players still did not like the feel of the stick. Manufacturers then developped the one-piece sticks. This enabled a further reduction in stick weight and improved the feeling of the sticks to match that offerd by wooden ones. 

Hockey sticks made of carbon fibre

Currently, the most popular sticks today are the one-piece composite sticks followed two-piece composite sticks far ahead of the aluminium and wooden sticks. But even as the norm is to use a composite stick, there is a high variety of quality and cost in this kind of stick. At your local pro shop you may find two one-piece sticks that look almost identical where one is priced at 350$ and the other at 60$. The difference is in the materials as will be explained in the following pages.

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