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Taking care of your equipment - Taking care of equipment Post-Game

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Your game is finished (hopefully you had fun!). You now have to take off your equipment. While doing this visually inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during your game. This is usally done without any active effort. Damage should be evident while taking the equipment off and putting it in your bag. Make sure everything is well ordered in your bag so there is no damage during transport (see transportation below). If you are a goaltender you must take a few extra steps: putting your helmet in its protective casing and doing up all your pad buckles. Although it may seem tedious, this prevents the belts from dragging on the ground and getting damaged prematurely. Replacing these belts costs money, can be aesthetically unpleasing and may reduce the performance of your pads (depending on where the replacement straps were mounted). Also, making sure any velcro straps are done up properly will reduce wear that can occur when the rough velcro side rubs against pad material. In the following picture, notice all the straps are done up, the laces are tied and all velcro is secured.

Goalie pads with all straps done up

Once you arrive home, hang your equipment up to dry and make sure air can circulate in your bag to dry your helmet and gloves(if they are not hung up). Notice in the following picture, the chest pad and jersey are hung up on a set of hooks while the under layer and pants are hung on the other. 

Hockey equipment hung up to dry

In the following picture, notice the helmet cover is open to allow air to circulate. The gloves are also placed in a position to allow good air flow.

Goalie equipment layed out to dry

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