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Goalie Glove Buyer's Guide Featured

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Goalie Glove Goalie Glove

In the early hockey years, goaltenders wore the same gloves as players used. They offered little protection and did not cover much surface area. The goaltender glove as we know it today has its origins in the 1940s when goaltenders started using baseball gloves to more easily stop the puck. Goaltenders then started experimenting with various glove sizes and designs to improve their ability to stop the puck and increase protection. This led to the style of glove that is used today.

Glove terminology

Basket or Pocket: The portion of the glove used to trap the puck. It consists of a layer of rigid material (usually plastic covered with leather) forming a T and joined to the glove using webbing to form a flexible pocket. The shape of the pocket varies from glove to glove with some manufacturers using multiple rigid sections in the pocket.

hockey goalie glove pocket basket

Palm: The palm of the glove is the main portion of the glove which covers the palm of the hand. It is composed of a rigid plastic covered with leather as well as padding to cusion shots. The palm also features a break to allow the glove to close.

hockey goalie glove palm

Cuff: The cuff is a rigid portion of the glove used to protect the wrist. It is composed of a rigid plastic covered in leather with very thick padding.

hockey goalie glove cuff

Back: The back of the glove is the portion that wraps behind the hand. It has very little padding as it is normally not used to stop pucks unless the goaltender is out of position. It does offer some protection from skates or slashes.

hockey goalie glove back

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