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Goalie Glove Buyer's Guide - Goalie Glove Buyer's Guide - Preferences Conclusion Featured

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Goalie Glove Goalie Glove

Preferences and Conclusion

I personally love the TPS bionic glove as it was designed with the help of an orthopedic surgeon to consider ergonomics. When it came out it was quite apart from the others out there and most of the goaltenders I knew thought it was the best glove available. I have stuck with TPS gloves since the bionic as they all have used mostly the same design and feel just as good as the bionic. However with the purchase of TPS by Sher-Wood, I will have to try them all out again and see which glove fits my hand the best!


Gloves are really a personal preference. They are all similar mostly due to the strict regulations for glove sizing. Where it matters is how the glove feels on your hand, where the break is located, how the straps feel, how well you can handle the puck with the glove on. Some prefer deeper pockets, or different angles of the glove palm but fit and feel is what you should look for. To know which one best fits you it is important to try a few gloves, opening and closing your hand to see if the break is in the right spot. Look at the adjustments to see if you can get the glove to have the right feeling. The worst thing is to buy a 500$+ glove that does not break in the proper place, feels awkward and does not protect adequately.



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