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Leg Pads Buyer's Guide - Leg Pads - Terminology - Exterior part 2 Featured

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Goalie Leg Pads Goalie Leg Pads
Leg Pads Buyer's Guide - Leg Pads - Terminology - Exterior part 2 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

Terminology - Exterior part 2

Thigh rise

The section located above the knee rolls is called the thigh rise. It is mainly used to increase coverage of the 5-hole.

goaltender leg pad thigh rise

Outer roll

The thicker portion on the outside of the leg pad is called the outer roll. It is included in the pad to prevent shots from being directed into the net should they slide on the pad surface.

goaltender leg pad outside roll

Sliding surfaces

The sliding surfaces of the pad are located on the inside of the leg pad. They allow the pads to slide on the ice. The surfaces also include protective padding for the knees and the calves of the goaltender.

goaltender leg pad sliding surfaces


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