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Leg Pads Buyer's Guide - Leg Pads - Preferences and Conclusion Featured

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Goalie Leg Pads Goalie Leg Pads
Leg Pads Buyer's Guide - Leg Pads - Preferences and Conclusion 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

Preferences and Conclusion

Each goaltender will have a preference in how the pads fit and are strapped to their legs. Some like the straps extremely loose, others like the pads to be tight at all times. The use of belt and buckle or simple buckles depends on the person. The length of the boot and thigh rise is also quite a personal thing. It is therefore impossible to have one pad model or pad size that will suit everyone. It is only though experimentation with different models, sizes and styles that a goaltender will see what he likes and dislikes.

Finally, the important aspects to remember are to buy a pad that is sized correctly, ensure the materials are of good quality especially on the sliding surfaces and surfaces prone to wear and make sure that your are comfortable moving with the pads on before buying them.

If this is your first set of pads, be sure to consult our detailed instructions on how to put goaltender equipment on

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