Friday, 29 March 2013 22:04

Happy Easter

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We would like to wish everyone a happy easter! Things have been very busy in the last few months which has left little time to work on content. I will try to work on some more articles in the next few weeks!


For now, I hope you are all enjoying the short but exciting NHL season and getting ready for some good playoff action!

Thursday, 22 November 2012 19:47

Movember update

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We're already almost through the month of Movember! Busy times lately with some activities at Phil Martin's goalie academy as well as a superbly organized MoHockey event ( ! There's nothing better than playing street hockey to raise funds for prostate cancer research and men's mental health all while sporting a wonderful moustache.

As time is tight lately, we haven't had time for any updates other than the comedy game recaps from the Flying frogs .

We hope to have some time to put more content on during in the coming months!


Friday, 05 October 2012 18:44

The T-Push

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The T-push is a core mobility technique for a goaltender. It is a quick movement used over relatively long distances (within the crease). It is usually used to follow the puck during a pass. The goaltender must be aware that he may have to transition to a butterfly slide should the pass become a one-timer.

  1. To perform the T-Push dig your inside skate edge into the ice with the leg (outside leg) opposite to the direction of travel.
  2. Transfer all your weight to the outside leg.
  3. Turn the inside skate so it points in the direction of travel.
  4. Turn your body towards the location you want to move to.
  5. Push off with the outside leg.
  6. When you reach the required location, stop using the inside leg.
  7. Re-position your legs to square off with the puck.

As you progress, the motion will become fluid with steps 2 to 5 occurring simultaneously.

A few points to note:

  • The technique is performed from the basic stance.
  • Lead with your stick!
  • Move only the legs, the upper body should not move other than the initial rotation to stay square with the puck.
  • Quick, powerful pushes, long strides. You should not need to do this technique twice to reach your destination.
  • This technique is not for small adjustments!
  • If you are T-pushing from one post to the top of the crease on the opposite side (crossing the crease completely) you can stop with the same leg that pushed off to stay squared up with the puck. In all other situations, stopping with the same leg will get you out of position.
Wednesday, 03 October 2012 21:19

The Shuffle

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The shuffle technique is one of the most basic and important ones to know as a goaltender. It allows the goaltender to move from side to side while maintaining proper position and is used to remain in position when the puck moves on the ice surface.

  1. To perform the shuffle dig your inside skate edge into the ice with the leg (outside leg) opposite to the direction of travel.
  2. Transfer all your weight to the outside leg.
  3. Once this is done, move the inside leg in the direction you want to travel.
  4. Push off with the outside leg.
  5. Shift your weight back to normal.

As you improve on this technique, the movement should become fluid, steps 2, 3 and 4 should occur almost simultaneously.

A few points to note:

  • Keep both skates facing forward, they should not move from the basic position
  • The technique is performed from the basic stance, the goaltender should be ready for a shot at any moment.
  • The movement involves only the legs, the upper body should always be facing the puck.
  • Skates should always remain in contact with the ice to ensure proper balance.
  • SHORT quick movements, this technique is for small adjustments not large distances
  • The inside skate should be scraping the ice surface (making snow) while moving


Wednesday, 03 October 2012 18:15

Goalie Academy 2012 Comments

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(An English translation follows)

Notre fils de 7 ans  avait envie de devenir un gardien de but… Nous l’avons donc inscrit au Phil Martin Goalie Academy qui est un camp spécialisé pour les gardiens de but mais surtout un camp bilingue (francophone).  Phil Martin et son équipe dynamique ont pris le temps d’analyser les besoins de chaque joueur, de faire un plan d’amélioration personnalisé ce qui a permis aux gardiens de développer et d’approfondir leurs habiletés tout en optimisant leur conditionnement physique. Par conséquent, le coup de patin de notre fils s’est amélioré et ses connaissances de la position de gardien se sont définies.  Ce camp est donné de façon professionnelle, dans un contexte sécuritaire et amusant. Mais le plus important selon nous a été de voir sa fierté et son beau sourire suite aux encouragements des entraineurs.  Merci, vous avez surpassé nos attentes!

Sophy et Alain (Zavier)


English translation:

Our 7 year old son wanted to become a goaltender... We therefore decided to register him for Phil Martin Goalie academy which is a specialized camp for goaltenders but mostly since it is bilingual (francophone). Phil Martin and his dynamic team took the type to analyse the needs of each player, to draft a personal improvement plan which allowed the goaltenders to develop and improve their abilities while optimizing their physical conditioning. This had the effect of increasing our son's skating ability as well as improve his knowledge of the goaltending position. The camp was given professionally, in a safe and fun context. But the most important according to us was to see his pride and smile after the coaches encouraged him. Thank you, you have surpassed our expectations!

Sophy and Alain (Zavier)


Sunday, 26 August 2012 09:57

How do you play defense in non-contact Play?

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Playing Defense in non-contact play is more difficult than when contact is permitted since you are unable to surprise the opponent with a good hit taking him/her out of play. The way to play defense is similar but relies much more on poke-checking and being more passive than playing the body.

Sunday, 19 August 2012 18:56

New Website Layout

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We have just made a large update to the website layout! We hope you like this new style.

If you find any bugs please report them to us during this transition period.

Tuesday, 07 August 2012 20:58

First day at Phil Martin's Goalie Academy

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We just concluded the first day of this year's edition of Phil Martin's Goalie Academy. The on-ice session was followed by some good off-ice which should benefit all the goaltenders. Most importantly, all the goaltenders enjoyed themselves.

We also go some video of both the on-ice and off-ice session so we can review the drills, address any issues we didn't see at the time and show how the drills should be done properly.

This year's edition of Phil Martin's Goalie Academy promises to be the best one yet!

Friday, 27 July 2012 18:23

Behind the Logo

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We have been getting a few questions concerning our logo. What does it all mean? Why is it like that? Well it's all simple really. We wanted to have a logo that would incorporate hockey with a shortened version of our name. This eventually led to an acronym with hockey sticks used to form the T, and a hockey helmet sitting on top of the R.

We originally though of THR (The Hockey Resource) but since this is an online website, we started calling the project The Hockey online Resource (THoR).  This obviously brought up relations to Thor, the mythical norse god which in our opinion would make quite the power forward.

Due to this resemblance we decided to add wings to the hockey helmet (typical of modern Thor illustrations including the Marvel version of the character) and a hockey puck to represent the o. The puck can be seen as part of the acronym or not. Some interpret the logo as The Hockey Resource (THR) others as The Hockey online Resource (THoR), in the end, there is no right or wrong way!

For the record, it was all Stéphane's work so if you like it, give him a thumbs up!


Here are some different versions of the logo used throughout the internet.


The Hockey Resource Favicon

Logo (250x250)

THoR logo square blue 250x250


Small version of logo

Thor smaller



Just a reminder that the sessions will start in less than a month! Reserve your spot if you want to get some great goaltender training, with a high instructor to goalie ratio and experienced instructors!

Camp details can be found here.

The camp will give goaltenders the chance to get some quality ice time and improve their skill before the begining of the tryouts and the season. Goaltenders of all levels are welcome from beginners to competitive goalies.

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