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Leg Pads Buyer's Guide

It is time for you to purchase a new set of goaltender leg pads. Perhaps this is even your first set! All the terminology, different sizes, manufacturers and price points available can be quite confusing. For this reason, we have compiled this buyer's guide to help clear things up.



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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 17:06

Hockey Stick Materials

Hockey sticks have evolved quite a bit over the years, from the wooden stick to the shiny new carbon fibre one-piece sticks. "But why is there such a large price difference between all these sticks?" you ask. The simple answer is - sticks made of wood and protected by fibreglass

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 11:02

Taking care of your equipment

You hockey equipment is your first line of defence against injuries and is a factor in your performance. This guide will help you take care of it so it can take care of you!

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 10:40

Putting on the gear - Goalie

You just get home from the shop with your gear in tow, excitedly spread it all out and then wonder, how do I put all this on? The first time you stand in front of all that gear, you may be a tad bit intimidated but no worries, this step-by-step guide will make things much easier! We've also included some tips so you know how to get everything on just the way you like it, every single time you step on that ice!


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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 00:00

The Game of Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a winter sport played on an ice surface, called a rink, which has the shape of a rectangle with curved corners. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. Goals are scored by shooting a rubber disc, called a puck, into the opposing team's net. Each team has 5 players and 1 goaltender on the ice. The goaltender's main purpose is to stop the puck from entering in the net while the main purpose of the players is to score goals. The 5 players are divided into two groups: forwards and defensemen. There are three forwards and two defensemen. The three forwards are usually called a line or trio while the defensemen are said to be a pair.

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