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About Us

The Hockey online Resource - THoR 

ThoR was started as a hobby project.


Its objective is to be an online resource where amateur hockey players can find useful information about hockey. Being news, tips & tricks, equipment reviews or just general information about hockey. Another goal is to help people who are new to the game become better hockey players. It is often hard for adults and young adults that have never skated in their life to become hockey players, therefore this site is there to provide help so those people can succeed.


Who we are?

We are just two normal guys that have been playing hockey all their lives. We are hockey enthusiasts that realize that for regular people, hockey is very expensive. Therefore we want to find the best quality equipment you can get for your money. Also we know that if your an amateur like us, you don't always need the super expensive and shiny new piece of equipment. Depending on which kind of league you play in and what kind of player you are, you have different needs in terms of equipment.

Plus we want to provide a good source of information for coaches and new players alike. We have hockey knowledge and we know people around us that have many years of hockey experience and it's that knowledge that we want to share. Because hockey is a great game and it can be enjoyed by everybody!

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